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Types of Dental Emergencies

Types Of Dental Emergencies

When you've got a dental emergency, it's a stressful situation, especially in the event that you make the wrong decisions on how to solve it. If you're fortunate enough to have not had a dental emergency, then you might not understand what one is or how to handle it. In both cases, you need to know how to deal with a dental disaster if it happens to you or someone else. Our dental practice in Wake Forest, NC is here to help you if you or a family member find yourself in one of the following dental crises:

    Big or small, a cut in your mouth that won't quit bleeding is undoubtedly an indication that you're having an emergency. If you've placed a clean piece of cloth over the cut held it with light pressure for 15 minutes or longer, but it's still bleeding, then you should visit the emergency room or a 24-hour dentist for stiches. Keep constant pressure on the cut till you receive help and try to not move your lips or mouth to avoid aggravating the problem.
    The wisdom teeth are the final teeth to erupt through the gums. This usually occurs much later in adolescence and young adulthood. Although the toothache you are feeling may feel like it's an urgent situation, it probably doesn't count as an emergency. However, if you've got a high fever or an inflamed jaw, then you need to contact a dentist to be seen as soon as possible to avoid infection and help with the pain.
    If your toddler is cutting their teeth, they may also have mild fever, swelling, and pain. Should you suspect that your child has an infection or another problem when they're teething, you may want to receive advice from a medical professional.
    A dull ache in your gums or teeth usually doesn't count as a dental crisis. However, when the pain is excruciating and you also can't chew, think, sleep, drink, or alleviate the problem with non-prescription pain medication due to the continuous throb, it's the right time to visit your closest dentist in Wake Forest, NC. A toothache is a sign of a lot of conditions, which means that your dentist will have to identify the underlying reason before talking about your therapy. Tooth pain could be an indication of something as small as a cavity; however, it could also be brought on by something larger, such as periodontal disease or an abscess. The best way to end the pain would be to visit your dentist as soon as possible to get an oral health examination.
    No matter how it occurs (a fall or an injury), a hit to the face could quickly turn into a dental crisis. This type of injury to your teeth may lead to small cracks, a loose tooth, a chip, or a knocked-out tooth. When a tooth has been knocked out, then you need to get to a dentist or an urgent care center for an on-call dental professional. Take the tooth along with you (keep it saturated in milk or saliva) so the dentist will be able to try and fix the tooth.
    A dental abscess may occur to anybody at any moment, particularly if there's been an injury to your face. A true dental emergency, you will need to get it treated by a dentist. With symptoms like pain, inflammation, inability to bite, and a fever from the infection, an abscess can easily become worse. Should you decide not to find therapy, you risk losing the abscessed tooth, the teeth around it, and the disease getting into your jawbone and blood. An abscess that ruptures may be a big issue, so see a dentist in Wake Forest, NC immediately.
    Whenever you take your children to practice or play in a sport, you make sure they are outfitted for the activity with a helmet, correct clothes, and gear to perform their very best. Do you protect your kid's teeth from harm using a mouth protector? Think about all of the chances your child has to get a tooth knocked out with a softball, playing soccer, or an aggressive play on the football field. Plenty of children have a tooth knocked out annually from playing in a game. Every game presents the chance of getting a dental crisis.
    This is not limited to kids. You may also take part in activities like tennis, biking, racquetball, basketball, or something else. Many people believe an accident will not happen to them; however, even a little damage needs to send you right to your dentist.
    Of course, an injury to the face may cause a damaged bridge or crown. However, there are regular situations that can cause a restoration to crack, move out of place, or even come out. Anyone who has damaged a bridge from biting something hard or pulled a crown out enjoying a sticky food, such as caramel, understands that it can occur to anybody at any moment. In these cases, it's ideal to save the crown or bridge, then go see a dental professional as soon as possible. When you are scheduling your appointment, request advice on storing the restoration.

Of course, there are lots of ways that you can have a dental emergency. Our team would like you to remember that if you're unable to stop bleeding, you're in excruciating pain, you've lost a tooth or recovery, you've been struck in the face, you see inflammation or a visible lump in your mouth, then you should see a medical professional in Wake Forest, NC as soon as possible. Whether you're an existing patient at DentalWorks - Wake Forest or not, we will do our very best to assist you during a dental crisis and restore your dental wellbeing.

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